Kahuna LM6800 Recliner Detailed Review

Let’s dive into the Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Recliner review that has a Heating Therapy.  This is a complete massage chair that offers deep down comfort with its zero-gravity capabilities.  As we know massage chairs serve various purposes.  Whether you like to relax and relieve your muscles after a strenuous workout or you’ve suffered a back or neck injury that requires massage therapy in order to keep moving and perform everyday tasks, these chairs are designed with those purposes in mind and serve as an alternative to a professional massage therapist.  Massage chairs come in different shapes and styles; some offer additional features and benefits.  We want to educate you on the various chairs available and what each has to offer so you are fully aware of what they deliver and be sure that they are meeting your needs.


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L-Track Massage System

This massage chair comes with an L-shaped track, which means the rollers and track extends from the neck all the way down to your lower tailbone and buttocks; basically it’s the shape of your body when sitting down.  In this position the rollers serve in decompressing each individual section of your spine.

Zero Gravity

You can achieve a zero gravity inclination that takes pressure off the spine by elevating your legs past your heart.  In this position you can relax more to get a better and more thorough massage.  It also allows for greater lung function which also means better circulation.  If you have poor circulation already, then this chair might benefit you and make you feel better.  Furthermore, there isn’t just one zero gravity position, there are two.  The second is more reclined.

Computer Body Scan Technology

We think that the computer body scan technology is a great benefit to have in a massage chair, that way the massage is not generic.  It’s set and programmed to the individuals body specifications by determining the width and length of your back and then adjusting accordingly.

Air Bags

What’s really nice about this Kahuna Massage Chair is the minimal amount of air bags that it takes to give a very thorough penetrating massage.  The 36 air bags have the capability to inflate individually instead of all at once or in sections. The air bags are strategically placed throughout sections of this chair and provide an optimal massage to the areas that need it the most. This in turn assists with twisting and deep stretching.  The twists target the shoulders, hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist area.  In addition, this chair has an automated program that is called Yoga that stretches your whole body.

Foot Massage

There are two rollers for the bottom of the feet, they provide a soothing kneading action and targets acupuncture points.  Also, when the air bags inflate the massage penetrates deeper to loosen up tired, achy feet caused by standing and walking for long periods of time.

Heat Therapy

In addition to the optimal massage you’ll receive from this chair, they’ve also incorporated heat therapy to work in combination.  Areas that heat is achieved are the lower back and calves.  Heat dilates the blood vessels of the muscles that surround the lumbar area and it also generates better circulation in the calves which helps to heal damaged tissue.


Kahuna-Massage-Chair-LM6800-Recliner-2 ReviewThere are 4 separate auto programs available with 3 levels of intensity.  Along with the air massage system, you have the option of a Shiatsu massage which penetrates the muscles and the tissue with a deep finger like sensation and targets those problem areas.  Furthermore, there are 5 different portions of body massage programs that target certain areas, they include:

  • Neck – Waist
  • Waist – Lower Back
  • Lower back – Buttock
  • Neck – Buttock
  • Buttock – Mid Back


This specific chair comes with an adjustable and stretchable foot rest to accommodate any height.


  • Two zero gravity positions are available and they lift your feet at least 5 to 6 inches above your heart alleviating pressure in your spine for a more relaxed and thorough massage.
  • Can accommodate a very tall or heavy individual without issues
  • The 30 minute Yoga program that both stretches and massages your entire body.


  • This chair has a higher than normal price tag, but what can you expect when you are receiving so many functions and features. There are other chairs that are lower priced but we don’t think you would get everything that this chair has to offer.
  • Chair is very heavy and bulky. You will need extra room to accommodate this chair.  Just plan ahead and realize that this will have to be done.


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Wrap Up!

Well, what did you think about the Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Recliner with Heating Therapy review?  We feel it’s a great massage chair with lots to offer an individual.  Do we think there are others that are comparable and a lot less money?  Yes, there are…but, we also believe that you get what you pay for and someone who needs a serious massage chair that will last for years, this could possibly be the one.  We aren’t sure if you would purchase such an extravagant chair if you’re not one to invest a lot of time in it, there are others that can serve for occasional use, plus not take up as much space.  However, if you are a faithful user and you need a chair like this to help you with your pains and aches, or if you require some downtime and relaxation most every evening, then this would be a good investment.  Furthermore, as we mentioned, it is a rather bulky, big, heavy chair and you would require enough room to accommodate it.  Hopefully, we have given you the information you desired for an educated decision on a purchase of this magnitude.

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