Massage Chair Lab: 10 Best Massage Chairs – (Reviews & Guide 2017)

We would like to cut to the chase fast and show you the best massage chairs on the market!

  • 3.9 Customer Rating
  • Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair
  • PRICE $$$$$
  • Programs : 8
  • Dimensions : 55 x 37 x 48 inches
  • COLOR : Dark Brown
  • Weight : 264.6 pounds
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$$
  • Programs : 4
  • Dimensions : 33 x 55 x 49 inches
  • COLOR : Black
  • Weight : 200 pounds
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Osaki OS-4000 Black-Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Programs : 6
  • Dimensions : 46 x 32 x 47 inches
  • COLOR : Black
  • Weight : 250 pounds
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner
  • PRICE $$
  • Programs : 4
  • Dimensions : 55 x 35 x 42 inches
  • COLOR : Black
  • Weight : 185 pounds
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • HT Massage Chair iJoy-2580 Massage Chair
  • PRICE $$
  • Programs : 3
  • Dimensions : 44 x 35 x 40 inches
  • COLOR : Black
  • Weight : 88 pounds

Massage Chairs Reviews

1 Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair offers 1200 inches of body therapy. Dreamwave has 8 pre-programmed sequences which are designed to mimic the balancing like a Shiatsu massage.  Furthermore, a specific setting offers a more gentle massage for youth under 14 so they can also enjoy the healing benefits of massage therapy. A complete and total stretch function is available; it provides rotational, extension, and flexion stretching of the shoulders, mid-back, and hips, plus, revolutionary morning and nighttime programs are available as well. In addition, there are over 1000 massage combinations to accommodate your particular needs. Equally important are the incorporated child and pet safety features such as the lock and key, recline obstruction sensor and breakaway power cord.

This particular model is available in four colors including black leather, the other three colors are synthetic leather that is also treated with an antibacterial application and is soil-resistant.  After of years of Japanese engineers and Shiatsu therapists collaborating together, Inada has mastered the art of Shiatsu massage therapy in this recliner that cradles your entire body and delivers premium relaxation and therapy to every inch, including fingers.  If you enjoy the healing attributes that Shiatsu massage offers, this might be a nice selection for you.

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Warranty – 3-year limited repair or replacement massage chair warranty with on-site service.

Dimensions – Upright:  36.5″ x 54.7″ x 47.6” Reclined: 38.2″ x 82.7″ x 29.9″

Capacity – Inada doesn’t specify a capacity for this particular model.  They say, “If you can fit, you can sit.”  However, there is a height range of 5’ to 6.5’.

Type – This is a fully reclining shiatzu massage therapy chair

Ratings:        Design 4/5    Cleaning 4/5     Easy to Use 3/5   Overall 4/5


2 Shiatsu Chair Built-in Heat and True Zero Gravity

Relaxing heat is incorporated in the back area of this chair, plus experience the feel of real humanized hands with its 3D technology.  Certain settings on the Shiatsu massage recliner allow for an uninterrupted 30-minute massage without having to mess with the controls.  Four massage functions are available, including Shiatsu, spinal rolling, kneading, and vibrating.  In addition, there are 14 separate massages with combinations that can be set and each has three different speed selections to control the intensity of the massage. You’ll find that this massage recliner features 4 pre-programmed settings such as “Activate” which is great for the mornings and getting your body going, “Relaxation” for when you just want to relax and wind down from a long day, “Upper Back” and “Lower Back” that concentrates only on those specific areas to ease muscle tension.  The vibration setting assists in stimulating the dilation of blood vessels, eliminating impurities and toxins in the blood.  To loosen knots and kinks, the kneading feature would be ideal.  Furthermore, those who suffer from back or neck pain would benefit from this full body massage recliner.

The zero gravity position elevates your feet to the level of your heart and takes the strain off of your back simulating a weightless feeling, which is a nice feature in a massage chair for additional relaxation qualities.  This particular model can be purchased in black or brown, plus incorporated safety features stop the movement to prevent injury to children or pets.

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Warranty – They offer a 3-year warranty on parts

Dimensions – Upright: 33” x 49” x 53” Reclined: 33” x 31” x 68”

Capacity – 300 lbs.

Type – This is a fully functional massage recliner with added heat and zero gravity positioning.

Ratings:        Design 4/5    Cleaning 4/5   Easy to Use 4/5    Overall 4/5

3 Osaki OS-4000 Black-Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

This full body massage recliner has different massage options like Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Rolling, Clapping, and Combo.  It has different automatic programs to relax tense muscles and specific pain.  The upper body massage focuses on your neck, shoulders, upper back, and lumbar, whereas, the lower body massage concentrates on the buttocks, thigh, calves, and feet.  Equally important is the control you have over the speed and intensity of the massage with the five-phase controls.  This particular model allows you to mix and match the techniques and the concentrated areas for a personal experience.

The zero gravity relieves pressure on the spine while also relaxing the neck and back.  This technology has positive effects on increasing circulation and blood oxygen levels, plus expands lung capacity.  Plus, the 46 multi-layered airbags enhance your experience, sending you into a complete and total relaxing state.  Extra soft twin rollers mimic the feel of human hands and penetrate more effectively.

This specific model comes with an easy-to-use remote control with LCD display and controlling your settings is done with a push of a button.  The Osaki OS-4000 is a nice choice for anyone who suffers from everyday aches and pains, or for those who just want to relax at the end of the day.  It is not recommended for a person with a pacemaker.

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Warranty – They offer a 3-year rock solid warranty – parts and labor.  This covers the framework, parts, and labor cost without charging the customer.  It does not cover normal wear and tear.  Shipping is not covered.

Dimensions – 52”L x 31”W x 34”H

Capacity – Does not specify a weight capacity, but will comfortably accommodate a height of 6’5”.

Type – This is a zero gravity, full body massage recliner.

Ratings:        Design 3/5    Cleaning 3/5   Easy to Use 4/5    Overall 3/5


4 Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C

There is a ton of health benefits you’ll receive with this head to toe, full body massage chair recliner with built-in heat.  For instance, the 06C model can alleviate stress, increase blood circulation to aid in decreasing cardiovascular disorders, loosen tightened muscles, and assist in balancing your mental and emotional well-being.  This particular model is equipped with eight (8) massage functions all operated on a convenient control system with LED digital display located on the arm of the chair.  In addition, there is an automatic recline feature on the display that will easily raise or lower the chair according to your specifications, this also includes the leg rests as well.  One of the really nice features of this chair is the built-in heat intelligent roller system that incorporates relaxing heat into your massage. Furthermore, the heat is also engineered into the stretched footrest and would be ideal for someone who wants to relieve the aches of being on their feet all day. Plus, the Air Ottoman System gently squeezes your legs in the leg rest while being raised and lowered in 20-degree increments to give you the ultimate leg massage.

Four pre-set programs allow you to set your massage with a touch of a button.  They include Recovery Program, Extend Program, Relax Program, and Refresh Program.  This Shiatsu massage chair is engineered with 30 airbags, 20 of which are strategically placed in the lower part of the recliner to target the lower back, buttocks, and thighs.  You can also increase or decrease the intensity of the massage depending on your needs.

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Warranty – There is a 1-year limited warranty – this includes full coverage of all parts, however, labor is not included in the warranty.

Dimensions – 35” x 55” x 42” in upright position

Capacity – The capacity for this particular model is 250 lbs.

Type – This is a full body massage recliner with added heat.


Ratings:        Design 4/5    Cleaning 3/5   Easy to Use 4/5    Overall 4/5


5 HT Massage Chair iJoy-2580 Massage Chair

We really appreciate this particular model of massage chair because of its simplistic design that would fit well in any home or office without standing out from your traditional furniture.  The Human Touch iJoy-2580 is packed with features that will deliver a really enjoyable massage and relax the tension and stress away.  For instance, this massage chair incorporates the Human Touch robotic massage technology, which mimics human hands and the techniques of a professional massage therapist.  It comes with 3 different auto massage programs that will relieve your entire back or just the lower portion, or even just concentrate on your neck and shoulder muscles, each is available in 15-minute increments.  In addition, 4 separate massage techniques are available and at different intensities.  These include kneading, percussion, rolling, and compression.  Other features included in the iJoy-2580 are the built-in the control panel, removable massage softening pad, and a cup holder for your convenience.  Also, this model is easily moved by the conveniently placed wheels.  In addition, it also very lightweight compared to other similar massage recliners.  Reclining this massage chair is easy with just a push of a button, the farther you go back the more intense the massage gets.  As far as massage chairs go, this one also has plenty of healthful advantages such as relieving stress and fatigue, relaxing sore muscles, and is ideal for those with back issues or circulation problems.

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Warranty – This company offers a 2-year limited warranty

Dimensions – 44″L X 35″W X 40″H

Capacity – Product does not specify a maximum capacity

Type­ – This is a massage chair that reclines; it is extremely lightweight at only 88lbs.

 Ratings:        Design 4/5    Cleaning 5/5   Easy to Use 4/5    Overall 4/5


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  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair
  • PRICE $$$
  • Programs : 6
  • Dimensions : 66 x 30 x 29 inches
  • COLOR : Beige/Carmel / Creme / Dark Brown
  • Weight : 300 pounds
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Zero Gravity Full Body Kahuna LM6800
  • PRICE $$$
  • Programs : 6
  • Dimensions : 46 x 31 x 48 inches
  • COLOR : Brown
  • Weight : 200 pounds
  • 4.6 Customer Rating
  • New Full Body Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair
  • PRICE $$
  • Programs : 3
  • Dimensions : 1120 x 1170 x 685 mm
  • COLOR : Brown
  • Weight : 200 pounds
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Ogawa Ultimate Active Massage Chair
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Programs : 4
  • Dimensions : 50 x 32 x 52 inches
  • COLOR : Black
  • Weight : 250 pounds
  • 5.0 Customer Rating
  • Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair
  • PRICE $$$$$
  • Programs : 6
  • Dimensions : 48 x 37.4 x 45.3 inches
  • COLOR : Black
  • Weight : 191 pounds

6 Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair

Beautyhealth has outdone themselves with this state of the art reclining massage chair.  In fact, this particular model is equipped with just about everything you need to relax and unwind after a long hard day at work.  Some of the specific features available are a fully synchronized MP3 massage that allows you to match up your music to your massage, human body scan technology that verifies the width and length of your back prior to beginning the massage, then adjusts the wheels accordingly to give you a unique, personalized massage. Also, five different massage techniques are available along with a fully reclining position to 170°.  In addition, this recliner is engineered with 69 airbags that can be adjusted to your exact specifications and a Jade heating system for a warming massage with a separate controller.   This chair works well for relieving chronic pain in the back and other areas and also can provide you a 30-minute uninterrupted massage.  With the 16 massage settings and 4 auto programs such as kneading and tapping or combinations of massage, you have the control with a push of a button.  The Beautyhealth Shiatsu massage chair also has 12 airbags in the leg, foot, and calf area with 2 intensity levels to choose from.

Click to read more detailed info about Authentic Beautyhealth!

Warranty – 10 years on the body and frame.  5 Years on all electronic Parts. After the warranty ends, the company will still supply parts at a reasonable price and also provide detailed instructions on how to change out parts.

Dimensions – 31” x 49” x 53” in the upright position and 31” x 31” x 72” in the reclining position.

Capacity – This product does not specify a maximum capacity.

Type – This is a full body massage chair recliner with heat and extra arm and hand massagers.

Ratings:        Design 4/5    Cleaning 3/5   Easy to Use 4/5    Overall 4/5


7 Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with heating therapy

The Kahuna Massage Chair offers two levels of zero gravity with L-track massage which is a certain shape of the roller trail that provides support to your neck and back, all the way down to your buttocks.  In addition, it also decompresses each area of the spine and increases the effects of the massage.  This specific model has computer body scan technology which calculates the width and length of your back prior to the massage.  This technique provides a personalized massage experience.  Furthermore, the zero gravity position spreads the body weight evenly over the entire chair so that you can get a deeper, more thorough massage while relieving the stress on the body, creating a weightless feeling.  Comforting heat located in the lower back portion and calf area of the chair is also incorporated into the massage to relax sore and tense muscles.  This particular chair also comes with a yoga stretching program that focuses on your pelvis and legs and also helps to eliminate toxins and waste from the body. Dual rollers are located in the foot portion of the chair and provide a deep kneading and compression massage that will stimulate acupuncture points. Another advantage of the Kahuna is the space saving technology.  It allows a full recline without taking up too much room. Automatic timing allows you to set your massage to increments of 5, 10, and 15 minutes.

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Warranty – This chair has a 3-year limited warranty.  They offer warranties on all parts, labor, and structural framework of the chair.

Dimensions – 55.5” x 30” x 48.5”

Capacity – The chair does not specify a weight capacity.

Type – This is a dual zero gravity, full body massage recliner with heat.

Ratings:        Design 4/5    Cleaning 4/5   Easy to Use 3/5    Overall 4/5


8 New Full Body Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

This specific massage chair resembles an office chair, rather than a massage recliner, however, it has a lot of features designed to create a very relaxing massage, while assisting with blood vessel stimulation, and removal of impurities and toxins from the body.  Four separate techniques are available on this massage chair, they include, kneading, rolling, chop action tapping, and percussion/compression.  Each massage setting is developed to focus on certain problem areas or create general relaxation and lessen fatigue and stress.  Vibrators are located at the feet, calves, seat cushion, and recliner.  Use in combination with the rollers for a complete massage that will target all areas of the body.  The full body massage chair is extremely easy to set up and lightweight.  It provides almost all the same features as the larger models but is conveniently smaller and space saving, plus budget friendly.  It also comes with a simplistic remote control with a user-friendly interface. A pocket on the side of the chair conveniently holds the remote control when not in use.  The chair itself is covered in leather-like material that is easy to clean and it is available in 3 different colors.  If you suffer from sore muscles after working long hours, this simplistic massage chair could be an ideal choice for you.

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Warranty – There is a 1-year warranty offered with

this product, however, it doesn’t specify what it covers.

Dimensions – No measurements can be found on this chair but it is smaller than the average massage chair.

Capacity – Can accommodate an individual that is about 5’ 10”, 200 lbs. comfortably, any larger than that might have an issue with the leg massage size.

Type – This is a reclining full body massage chair bed.

Ratings:        Design 3/5    Cleaning 5/5   Easy to Use 3/5    Overall 3/5


9 Ogawa Active SuperTrac

As a full body massage recliner chair, the Ogawa Active SuperTrac has so many features and functions incorporated into the engineering.  For instance, it has multiple recline angles, including two zero gravity positions that alleviate pressure on your spine and pelvis for a feeling of weightlessness.  Furthermore, this is the only massage chair where the back can recline independently.  One of the other unique features of this particular chair is the SuperTrac technology.  This technology provides an extended massage track that is able to reach from the neck, past the tailbone, and down to the glutes.

If you suffer from sore feet, the foot portion of this chair is equipped with kneading rolling heads that target the soles of your feet offering up instant relief.  The body scan feature will accurately compute the user’s body size for the perfect massage. In addition, quad style rollers mimic a human hand and provide a professional style massage experience.  This recliner also provides more room for your shoulders with the 2” increase on each side.  Instead of a remote stand and screen attached to the arm of the recliner, the Ogawa remote is conveniently tucked away in a side pocket, plus it’s equipped with a USB port so you can use your smart devices while getting a massage.  There are 9 pre-programmed massages that use a variety of techniques including vibration, kneading, and air compression, and all have 5 different levels of intensity, as well as 2 stretching features for a thorough, relaxing experience at the end of a long, hard day.

Read more about Ogawa Active SuperTrac 

Warranty – For the first year, the warranty covers in-home service, parts, and labor at no cost to the customer.  For the second year, parts are covered at no cost to the customer.  The warranty also covers 5 years of the structural framework at no cost to the customer.

Dimensions – 50” x 32” x 52”; 250 pounds

Capacity – This chair can accommodate a person that is 5’0” to 6’4”.  The company does not specify a weight limit for this recliner.

Type – This is a full body massage recliner chair with zero gravity options and independent reclining sections.

Ratings:        Design 5/5    Cleaning 4/5   Easy to Use 3/5    Overall 4/5


10 Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

The Panasonic EP-MA73 is equipped with multi-directional rollers and 3D technology that simulates the feel of human hands giving you a professional full body massage experience.  This specific model also incorporates heat therapy into the massage and is designed to mimic heat stone therapy.  In addition, this massage chair can be set to focus on soothing certain areas such as hands, feet, and legs.  Furthermore, internal sensors are able to map out the user’s body, creating a virtual map of the contours of the body, and apply the massage techniques and programs to your personal need.  The rollers are specifically good for loosening knots and tense muscles.

Six preset and six manual programs are available; they include, Refresh, Deep, Shiatsu, Hip, Neck/Shoulder, and Lower Back.  All of which have intensity control to accommodate the measurement of massage you require.  For those with tired feet, this chair is equipped with a simulated reflexology technique like a professional would deliver at a spa.  This, in turn, improves circulation and returns energy to tired feet making them feel refreshed.  Moving armrests adjust automatically, even while in the lying down position to massage both arm and hand.  There is a total of 8 motors, 33 airbags, and a 31-inch roller stroke.  This chair can be set in 5-minute increments, all the way to a 15-minute uninterrupted massage.  A convenient remote control device is located on a stand on the side of the chair.

Read more about Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

Warranty – There is a 5-year limited warranty for parts and labor

Dimensions – 48” x 37.4” x 45.3”; 191 pounds

Capacity – Max user weight is 264 lbs. and can accommodate heights from 4’6” to 6’2”.

Type – This is a full body recliner chair with incorporated heat massage

Ratings:        Design 4/5    Cleaning 4/5   Easy to Use 4/5    Overall 4/5



Massage Chair Buying Guide

If you are considering purchasing a massage chair, you have a lot of things to think about. Massage chairs can be very expensive, and as with all expensive purchases, it is important to do your research first to ensure that you buy a product that will be suitable enough to be used for a long time. Every buyer or household has their own requirement, so you should think about your own needs and requirements before purchasing a massage chair.

Where Will The Massage Chair Go?

Although it may seem at first to be an obvious point, not enough people think about where their furniture will be placed in their home before purchasing it.

You should realize that massage chairs could be very large. Some chairs even have reclining features. You should make sure that there is enough room to place the chair whilst comfortably being able to use and recline it if applicable. A recliner chair will need to have space behind it so that it doesn’t cause damage to the wall behind. You should also make sure that there is some way of getting it to the room where it is destined to go. If you have a narrow stairwell, for example, it may be difficult to get it upstairs.

You should check with other people in your household when you’re thinking about where it should go. Some people find massage chairs to be bulky and ugly. If other people in the household don’t want to use the chair, you may find that they are against the idea of having the chair in a communal area. In that case, you should probably place the massage chair in your bedroom instead.

Massage chairs also need an electrical outlet in order to power the chair. When you’re thinking about the best position in your home for the massage chair, you should try to place it near a socket so that you won’t need to trail any extension leads around your home.

Who Is The Massage Chair Going To Be Used By?

best massage chairMassage chairs are not made to suit everyone. Because of the positioning of the massage pads and massage cushions, if you are taller than 5 foot 10 inches, you may find that you struggle to get a good use from the massage chair. Equally, you may struggle if you are below 5 foot 3 inches. Many massage chairs are made to a specific size, so you should try out the massage chair before you commit to buy if you can. There is a chance that you may be able to change the position of the massage rollers, but depending on your size, you may find that the rollers are still not in the best position even if you have made alterations.

Even if you are able to alter the position of the rollers when you are using the chair, you may find that it is inconvenient to have to alter the position every time you use the chair. If you do have to make changes to the position of the massage rollers, it can be a good idea to spend a little more money on the massage chair. For a little extra, you could probably purchase a more automatic chair. Panasonic massage chairs, for example, can automatically adjust the height of the rollers depending on the dimensions of the user.

What Features Do You Require?

In order to make the most out of your purchase, you should make sure that you choose the massage chair that offers you only the features that you need. Although there are plenty of massage chairs that have a lot of functions available, not everyone who purchases one of these massage chairs uses all the functions available. As more features usually mean a higher price tag, it is a good idea to base your purchase decision on the features that you require.

The obvious choice when choosing a massage chair is to make sure that the chair has massage rollers in the area where you get the most muscle tension. To save money, if you don’t need leg massaging pads or arm massaging pads, you should look for cheaper models that don’t have those features. If massaging pads for the legs are important, however, then, of course, you should choose a chair with those pads.

Another feature that you could opt for is the intensity setting of the chair. Some massage chairs allow you to set a program that changes the massage patterns and the intensity of the massage, whilst others don’t offer this feature. You can also use pre-programmed options so that you don’t need to change any settings before you begin each time.

It can sometimes be beneficial to have an infrared heater built into some or the entire massage chair. Some chairs don’t offer a heating feature whilst others offer neck or leg heat only. The more luxurious and obviously, more expensive chairs have to heat in all areas of the chair. You can also choose a chair that has speakers.

What Is Your Budget?

What Is Your BudgetWhen you are choosing a massage chair for your home, you should bear in mind your budget. Just because you have a low budget doesn’t mean that you have to have in the inferior chair. There are many massage chairs that find themselves in clearance sales, so if you can wait for a few months, you may be able to get your massage chair at a cheaper cost. Although you are able to purchase second-hand chairs, it is not recommended, as they may be worn and not as effective. Search for all the massage chairs that fit best into your budget and try to purchase the most expensive massage chair that you can afford.

What Warranty Is Offered With The Chair?

Whilst it may not exactly be a deciding factor when it comes to buying a massage chair, you should be aware of how long the warranty will last on the massage chair as well as what the warranty covers. If you want to have complete peace of mind, it may be a good idea to purchase an insurance package with your chair in case anything goes wrong.

Benefits Of Having A Massage Chair At Home

Massage chairs have a lot of great properties. They help you to relieve stress and tension in your body, which everyone finds themselves experiences with the daily stresses of living.

Whether you’re a stay at home parent, or if you have an office job, you will find yourself with sore and tired muscles at some point or another. If you have a more labor-intensive job, you may find that you have even more severe frequent aches and pains. One of the greatest benefits of having a massage chair at home is that you have immediate relief when you return home. You don’t even need to get changed when you get home if all your muscles ache and you’re tired. Just sit in your massage chair and you will be able to enjoy an immediate massage.

Although massage chairs are expensive to purchase in the first place, you will be able to save a lot of money on professional services. If you’ve had muscular problems for a while and have required frequent massages to loosen up your muscles, you may be aware of just how expensive this can be. Even if you just like to have a relaxing massage from time to time, a massage chair can be a great choice to have at home. Over just a few months, you will be able to enjoy daily massages at home with a massage chair leaving you feeling more relaxed. You will save money in comparison to visiting a professional for those services.

best massage chair reviews

Massage chairs can help improve your blood circulation. Bad blood circulation is related to a drop in immunity levels, higher levels of toxins and tired organs due to a lack of oxygen. Massage chairs improve your circulation by relieving the tension in your muscles. Muscle tension can constrict blood flow by relaxing your muscles, your blood circulation should start to improve from the first use of your new massage chair.

When you use a massage chair, the muscles that are related to posture are all concentrated on. Relaxing these muscles helps loosen up the muscles around your spine and over time, you will find that it is easier to sit or stand in the right position. By using a massage chair to improve your posture, you’ll look thinner as your body will be held longer. You’ll also appear to be taller and you’ll look more confident. Better posture also means that your digestive system will function better.

If you’ve ever felt tired, agitated and cranky at the end of a long day at work, you may be lacking in endorphins. Reduced levels of endorphins often heighten stress and pain and this can cause us to feel worse. Using a massage chair in your home can help your body to release endorphins frequently as you enjoy the relaxing massage. This will have an instant improvement in your overall perspective on your condition and you will feel happier and less stressed almost instantly. Endorphins last in the body for a little while, but you should be sure to use the massage chair frequently in order to enjoy the effects of endorphins as often as possible.

Spinal alignment is another thing that is often improved as a result of using a massage chair in your home frequently. If you want to improve your spinal alignment, a massage chair will ensure that the spine is kept in the best position. Reclining massage chairs are the best as they lower the pressure on the spine throughout the massage. The tension that is relieved from the muscles around the spine and the better alignment of the spine ultimately reduce the pressure on the nerves in the spinal region. This is especially helpful for those who frequently suffer from back problems, including sciatica, which is caused by a trapped nerve.

Another thing that a massage chair can do is lower the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. If you are an athlete or you participate in a lot of sports, you will know about the way that lactic acid can build up in the muscles. If blood does not flow through the muscles sufficiently, then more lactic acid will build up during a rigorous activity, and this impairs an athlete’s or a player’s performance. Many professional and amateur athletics will be sure to visit a physiotherapist often for a sports massage. This ensures that they experience good blood circulation so that they have the best chance of succeeding. Having an at-home massage chair means that you won’t need to visit a professional as you will have the convenience of being able to enjoy an effective massage at home.

We have also created buying guides for other massage products:

Best Massage Chair Brands

When you’re trying to decide which massage chair to choose from, you will probably notice that there are a lot of different brands to choose from. Which brand is trustworthy though and which brand should you look for if you want a certain feature?

Inada Massage Chairs

For over 50 years, Inada has been a prominent name when it comes to great massage chairs. Their chairs have been in production since 1962 and since then, they have developed their chairs into the modern and effective pieces of furniture that they are today. Whilst they develop the design of their shiatsu massage chairs, they set trends for the other brands in the massage chair market with their leading technology. This is a brand that often brings state of the art technology to the consumers and as a result, they are full of surprises.

If you choose an Inada massage chair, you won’t be disappointed. You can be sure that you’ll be getting the newest design and best technology from the massage chair. You can also enjoy many benefits for your body, the therapeutic benefits of which are usually far better than many other brands.

One of the things that Inada is best known for is being the designer of the very first massage chair to offer vibration with the massage programs. They also designed the first massage chair that could be customized to match the user’s body and is the first manufacturer to have used voice commands in their chairs.

Inada was also the first massage chair manufacturer to be fully approved by the Japanese medical board. They are a brand that can be trusted to deliver exceptional products that are built to last.

Panasonic Massage Chairs

Panasonic is not only a leading massage chair manufacturer, but it is also a trusted brand when it comes to many electronic goods. They have been making high quality and reliable massage chairs for over 40 years now and you can find Panasonic massage chairs being sold by most massage chair retailers. The massage chairs designed by Panasonic have been designed to be as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible for the consumer.

If you have any problems as far as height is concerned, you will be able to find an intelligent Panasonic chair that can adapt to your shape. With some models of Panasonic massage chair, they come with a sensor, which enables the chair to automatically adapt to your height and shape. Whilst other chairs allow you to alter the position of the massage rollers slightly, the Panasonic chairs can offer you a more convenient alternative to having to manually adjust the chair each time you want to use it.

The advanced body scan technology ensures that all the pressure points on your body are targeted for an all over body massage. Many people who have tried Panasonic will say that these massage chairs are probably the closest that you can get a real massage. If you’re looking for a trustworthy manufacturer who can guarantee a comfortable and long life from your massage chair, then Panasonic is a great choice.

Human Touch Massage Chairs

One of the things that are so great about Human Touch is that their specialism is in massage chairs. With other brands, the sole focus of their business is not only massage chairs but with Human Touch, you know that they’ve put 100% of their efforts into designing the best chairs for their customers. This is a trustworthy brand that has been trading for over 30 years that has a commitment to providing products that promote health and wellbeing.

Human Touch massage chairs can offer a massage experience similar to the kind that you can expect from a professional. The chairs themselves look good enough to match with your home’s existing furnishings, whilst offering the best functions to deliver an effective massage.

Did you know that Human Touch is the only massage chair manufacturer to have a robotic chair that is effective enough to have been passed by the World Federation of Chiropractors?

If you have any back pain or muscle stress, you should check out some of the Human Touch massage chairs to see if they have a model that suits your needs and budget.

Sanyo Massage Chairs

Sanyo is another brand that you will have heard of before. You may not have heard of them making massage chairs, but you are probably very aware of the many entertainment products that they sell. Their products are not only high quality but they are also affordable to buy. This means that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a commercial budget to spend on your massage chair as their products are priced to suit the residential market. In addition, all the massage chairs in the Sanyo range are designed to be stylish and will undoubtedly fit well in well with most home designs.

Whether you want to use the massage chair at home or in the office, you’re sure to find a model of Sanyo massage chair that can offer you the features and the technology that you expect from a good massage chair. Sanyo chairs target your whole body, including your neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet. This gives you a full body massage that will leave you enjoying all the benefits that you can expect from a good massage chair.

Sanyo chairs are easy to look after and are durable enough to last you for many years. You can also take advantage of various insurance and warranty offers that come with the chairs sold by Sanyo.

Other Brands

Amongst the various other brands that you can choose from, you should look out for Osaki, Luraco, Ogawa and Omega, as these are several other well-known brands of massage chair that you will find for sale. If you want the height of luxury and you have a larger budget for a massage chair, you should check out the range of Osaki massage chairs.

How Do Massage Chairs Work?

Massage chairs come in a variety of shapes and have different features, but mostly, they have the same basic functions. If you’re considering buying a massage chair, it might be interesting to understand how it works. Knowing this useful information will help you to get the most out of your chair and it might help you to use the chair better.How Massage Chairs Work?

Massage chairs are designed to give you a relaxing and soothing massage and these days, massage chair manufacturers pride themselves on making chairs that give you a massage that is as close as possible to the kind that you could expect to receive from a massage professional. Various different models and designs ensure that there is something for every individual. Whilst some chairs are luxurious and complex by way of their many functions, other massage chairs are less complicated and come with some very basic features. An obvious reason for choosing a more basic chair is the theory that if its mechanisms are less complicated, and then it will be less likely to require a complicated repair if something goes wrong.

There are a lot of massaging techniques available for massage chairs. Some of them have a mechanical mechanism that uses rollers to perform massaging features, but in recent decades, we’ve seen more techniques come into play, including airbag and even water massage. Airbags are used to improve blood circulation, as they are more suitable for grabbing and kneading the muscles. There are many massage chairs on the market these days that offer a combination of mechanical and other massage methods to provide a more human-like massage.

To make the massage features work, massage chairs need to use mechanisms to create vibrations, rollers with gears and small motors to drive the massaging features. Vibrations that pass through the massaging pads are created using weighted wheels or special gears, which spin quickly. As the motor rotates the wheel or gear, it generates the necessary massaging vibration. There are several of these mechanisms in various points of the massage chair in order to offer full body vibrations. The user is often able to choose the intensity of the vibrations and depending on their choice, the motor will rotate faster or slower.

For a more traditional massage with a massage chair, you’re likely to make use of the rollers. These rollers make motions similar to the motions a human massage professional would make and are made to be smooth in their movements. It depends on the design of the chair as to how these rollers move. Whilst some are quite complex, the most basic models have rollers that are mounted on mechanical arms. These arms move vertically or horizontally, depending on the muscle group that they’re working on. The arms that the rollers are mounted on can sometimes even move in a circular motion, making their movements feel even more realistic. The rollers usually have their own separate motor so that the user can personalize their massaging experience.

Best Massage Chair Comparison Chart

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair
$$$$$Dark Brown855 x 37 x 48 inches264.6 pounds
$$$Black433 x 55 x 49 inches200 pounds
Osaki OS-4000 Black-Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
$$$$Black646 x 32 x 47 inches250 pounds
Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner
$$Black455 x 35 x 42 inches185 pounds
HT Massage Chair iJoy-2580 Massage Chair
$$Black344 x 35 x 40 inches88 pounds
Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair
$$$Beige/Carmel / Creme / Dark Brown666 x 30 x 29 inches300 pounds
Zero Gravity Full Body Kahuna LM6800
$$$Brown646 x 31 x 48 inches200 pounds
New Full Body Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair
$$Brown31120 x 1170 x 685 mm200 pounds
Ogawa Ultimate Active Massage Chair
$$$$Black450 x 32 x 52 inches250 pounds
Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair
$$$$$Black648 x 37.4 x 45.3 inches191 pounds


It doesn’t matter what you do for a living or how active your lifestyle is. Anyone can benefit from having a massage chair in his or her home. Whilst they used to be unsightly but functional, these days, you can find luxurious massage chairs that look like sofas or armchairs. These are stylish and can look great even in a living room. As there are so many different brands and models to choose from, there is something available for every budget too. You should always try to buy the most expensive massage chair that you can afford to ensure that you have a piece of furniture that will last you a long time and that can offer you all the features you could possibly need. Hope you enjoyed reading the best massage chair reviews that are available in the market!

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